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  • CEO
  • CSO
BG Rhee, Ph.D.
Current Appointments
  • Chairman, Council for Advanced Regenerative Medicine (CARM)
  • Auditor and Fellow, National Academy of Engineering of Korea
  • Advisor, Bio Economy Committee, Government of Malaysia
  • Advisor, Rice University Bioengineering Institute US
  • Chairman, CoImmune, Inc. US
Past Appointments
  • Vice Chairman, CKD pharm
  • President and CEO, Green Cross Corp, Green Cross Holdings
  • CEO, Expression Genetics, Inc. US
  • Chairman, Korea Biotechnology Industry Organization
  • Board Member, Stemedica Cell Technologies, Inc. US
  • Board Member, CCM Duopharma Malaysia
  • B.S., M.S., Seoul National University
  • Ph.D., Chemical and Biomedical Engineering, Rice University
  • Post-Doc, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Sun U. Song
Current Appointments
  • Founder & CSO
  • Professor, Inha University School of Medicine
  • Editor, World Journal of Stem Cells
  • Director, Translational Research Center, Inha University Hospital
Past Appointments
  • CEO, SCM Lifescience., Co., Ltd (April. 2014 ~ April. 2018 )
  • Chief Science Officer, HomeoTherapy Co., Ltd
  • Research Associate, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School
  • Research Associate, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard Medical School
  • Ph.D. 1994, Molecular Biology, Johns Hopkins University
  • M.S. 1989, Applied Molecular Biology, University of Maryland
  • B.S. 1986, Biology, The Evergreen State College
Sukwoo Oh
Career History
  • Financial & legal advisor for Alteogen, Inc., CJ Healthcare, Inc., SK Biopharm, Inc., and Sumagen, Inc.,
  • General Counsel & Executive Advisor for Daewoong PharmaceuticalsCo., Ltd.,
  • Executive Advisor for Hanmi PharmaceuticalsCo., Ltd,
  • Senior Executive Advisor of Whiz Partners, Inc. (Japan),
  • Founder and managing partner of KEYMO,
  • Founder and former CEO & Executive Vice President of SMART Biosciences, Inc.,
  • Roberts Mitani, LLC Managing Director
  • B.S. Notre Dame Law School
  • M.S. California State University, Northridge
Career History
  • General Manager, INHA University Hospital Co., Ltd.
  • Assistant Manager, Korea airport service Co., Ltd.
  • Staff, Hanjin Heavy Industries&Construction Co., Ltd.
  • B.S. Korea National Open University
  • M.S. Inha University
Career History
  • Senior Manager, Samil PWC
  • Assistant Manager, Deloitte Anjin LLC
  • B.S. Sogang University

Advisory Board

Robert Preti
Career History
  • President, Hitachi Chemical PCT
  • President, Alliance for Regenerative Medicine
  • New York University, Ph.D.
Morrie Ruffin
Career History
  • CEO, Adjuvant Partners
  • CEO, LifeTech Innovations, LLC.
  • Executive Vice President, BIO
  • University of Virginia, B.S.
Mordechai Sheves
Career History
  • Chairman of the Board of Directors, Yeda R&D Company Ltd.
  • Prof. Dept. of Organic Chemistry, Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel.
  • Columbia University, Ph.D.